amazing art: my love affair with yelena

the breakdown by yelena bryksenkova

Many people feel that the internet cannot facilitate the sort of engagement with art that one might feel in a gallery, but I find more and more I need no white walls to tell me what I already know, that hidden in the studios, notebooks, and yes, the many corners of the internet are artists who unexpectedly make work that touches my soul in the gentlest of ways. I can spend years admiring an artist without uttering a word, or posting anything. Just drinking in…..processing…


rainy day by yelena bryksenkova


Yelena Bryksenkova is an illustrator, a medium that I always find myself drawn to….These poignant pictures seem at first simple, but evoke a certain gravity, feelings that will enter a person’s heart at some point in their life whether by unhappy accident or the brain’s strange muddling….

finding solace by yelena bryksenkova

Many of Yelena’s works seem to respond to emotional crisis, such as depression, anxiety and more. Moments of gardening or sitting seem replete with language of loss, longing and hope, as well as a kind of strange domestic bliss, and a sense of solitude which seems at once sad, and crucial somehow…


Yelena Bryksenkova Green Thumb


The tiny vignettes are worth studying, and the lyrical style will charm, while the story may bite, or in the very least make your heart ache a little. Art is meant to do this, as well as entertain, astound and confound. Sometimes, a small quiet corner of the world has a great deal to say….


solitaire by yelena bryksenkova



ghost by yelena bryksenkova


yelena bryksenkova