Amazing Art: Woven

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Justine Ashbee, Native Line


The Contemporary Art of Weaving

While trained as a fine art historian, and a curator, I do not believe in any real hierarchy of mediums, and find myself fascinated by many works that fall into various categories such as textile arts, craft traditions, industrial, decorative or architectural arts.

All the same these categories seem outdated and perhaps gendered. After all, I grew up with a huge weaving loom on my front porch, and no distinctions were made between the ability to paint plein air, sketch, weave or garden. Rather, the long held tradition of craft and mastery over technique seemed more crucial to the development of artistic style and success.


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The Weavers

A few artists who have captured my imagination recently Natalie Miller, Maryanne Moodie as well as Sandra, a creative blogger who seems to make many things –startlingly well (via Jesus Sauvage), and the studio Maricor Maricar. Justine Ashbee’s instagram is full of beautiful juxtapositions, inspirations, new work, studio shots and more.

Of course, as always this is just the beginning, there are literally hundreds of talented weavers whose work makes me heart skip a beat….The poetry of working hands, lush placement of pattern and color and skill….the cleverness is captivating.



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Maryanne Moodie




Jesus Sauvage



Maryanne Moodie



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Studio Maricor Maricar 



natalie miller

Natalie Miller Design



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Natalie Miller Design