Rosa’s Background

About Me

I am a professional curator + historian of modern and contemporary art and design. In addition to my many wonderful projects with artists, publications, museums, auction houses and galleries, I also work as a consultant for special design and creative film projects.

20 + years of work experience. MA, Fine Art History, University of Toronto, Modern + Contemporary Art & Honors BA, Art History & History, University Scholars, Pennsylvania State University.

In addition to working as a teaching assistant at the University, I began my museum & art history work as a graduate fellow for the Art Gallery of Ontario, followed by curatorial work at the Frick Collection, New York.

A specialist in modern & contemporary art, I have served as a curator at The Museum of Modern Art, New York. I am expertly trained in museum practices in art handling, registration, stewardship & care during my time at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, including international travel on behalf of the museum for special exhibitions.

I am a published author of a number of chapters in edited academic collections, peer-reviewed scholarly journals, art magazines, museum & gallery publications, and I have a special interest in early twentieth century art, and American & European Expressionist practice in art & literature. I  have published work on the connections found in the study of art, music, film and psychoanalysis. In 2015, it was with great honor that I accepted the title of Honorary Curator and Director of Research, The Edward E. Boccia Artist Trust, where I oversee a large-scale book project on the late American artist.

The success of my contemporary art blog or journal owes a great deal to the generosity of the artists who have opened their studios and hearts to me, and shared many of their secrets. Thank you for your trust and your inventive minds.

I have a profound respect for artistic talent, training, & technical achievement & the importance of words, of reading, drawing and poetry. 

The transformative power of art is an issue close to my heart, as is access to valuable arts training & education for women & minorities. I owe much to my father Kevin JH Berland and my grandparents Alwyn and Jayne Berland whose bravery and steadfast dedication to creativity and intellectual pursuits have allowed me a beautifully enriched life full of discovery, as well as the strength to encourage others as they go on their own artistic journey.




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