Absolutely Augmented Reality

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It is with great pleasure that I anticipate the upcoming publication of the monograph on the artistic project Absolutely Augmented Reality -a collaborative photograph series by contemporary artists Ajuan Song and Kuzma Vostrikov.

The volume is to be published by Scheidegger and Speiss, Zurich and will feature photographs and three critical essays including my introduction. The book will premiere in September 2020 and will be distributed by University of Chicago Press and includes 176 pages with 110 color plates.


Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 8.11.05 PM.png“Imagine a painterly yet hallucinatory sequence of places that appear as if constellations from a dream-filled night. In these images, one finds extraordinary fictional creatures suspended in movement and laid out in articulated areas of color and enigmatic symbolism. This is Absolutely Augmented Reality, a series of photographs created by artists Ajuan Song and Kuzma Vostrikov: a powerful narrative and dance of storytelling, image-making, and beauty.”


All images are the sole copyright of the artists and are not to be reproduced.

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