Barren Beauty -The Photography of Sinziana Velicescu

The poetry of silence, of the grandeur of landscape unfettered by memory….

Los Angeles based photographer and filmmaker Sinziana Velicescu makes meditative work artfully composed, the flat color expanses like a Hockney painting, illuminated often by stark natural light and a sense of strange emptiness coupled with a sense of heartache. A trip at 18 to Romania drew the artist to a journey of tracing places with stories, told in stark language. The brilliance of her work seems to be in the way she is able to balance a sense of lost stories with the heroic arc of empty skies, snowy landscapes and voided place. Minimalism is suddenly full of evocative power – a spiritual imagining spun out of ether…



From the Iceland series- like many of the artist’s works this picture captures the stark beauty of landscape left with a trace of the past…a fullness of untold stories.



Iceland Series


Sinziana notes: “I am drawn to places that are mysterious and have a sense of history to them. I enjoy exploring these areas and imagine, similar to a detective or an archeologist, their previous manifestations. I am also interested in purely aesthetic details such as lines, shadows, and graphic shapes, which is more or less just an exploration into form.”





Iceland Series

Recently Sinziana purchased a drone and began to investigate aerial landscapes from a new perspective -seen in her two films Dyan and Drone. The artist remarks: “I love the new perspective and being able to find another way to see the world as flat that is different from my still photography work.” Indeed, The artist’s work may be seen as layered sequenced vignette, even the films are moving still frames. Somewhere between the refinement of graphic design, structured balance and architecture, and topography these icily assembled pictures and films come together to evoke a sense of elegant despair, and a place of beauty.


000087860007 copy.JPG

Iceland Series



Postcard Series



Romania Series



Romania Series




Romania Series




Romania Series



Romania Series



Romania Series




UpNorth Series




UpNorth Series



UpNorth Series




UpNorth Series




UpNorth Series



000030910006.JPGUpNorth Series




UpNorth Series




UpNorth Series




Learn more about the artist’s recent book Sinziana Velicescu on The Periphery and visit her website.


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