A Young Russian Designer -Vlada Manyatovskaya’s Cubist Textiles

Vlada Manyatovskaya (Влада Манятовская) is a very young painter, illustrator and designer from St. Petersburg, a place she describes as having a poetic character.

Vlada notes that paper is her favorite medium and she seems to treat textiles like a sort of sculptural origami. There is a certain refined cubist aesthetic to her work, and her lovely flat planar drawings and photos in rich color, particularly the still lives.


Влада Манятовская pretty photos via instagram


Elastic Geometry Vlada Manyatovskaya

Elastic Geometry is made of litter and laminate, for this work Vlada has artfully used recycled waste to create a geometric design that seems an admixture of humorous and haute couture.


Elastic Geo by Vlada Manyatovskaya


Front Dress by Vlada Manyatovskaya Photo by Yura Ryabov


Vlada Manyatovskaya Artist via Instagram

The spectacular piece Dance in the snow is loosely embellished with a lattice-work of embroidered flowers that remind me of shells…


Dress by Russian artist and costume designer Vlada Manyatovskaya



Vlada Manyatovskaya detail of hand embroidered dress


Vlada at work


Vlada says that her mantra is “beauty everywhere” and she spends hours observing the people of St. Petersburg, and whether she finds her self “inspired or horrified” Vlada makes her artwork clothing as a way of creating beauty in the world.



Rosa: What kids of sources and materials inspire you?

Vlada: I love wool, leather and natural fabrics. Sources include flea markets  and second-hand materials, unique patterns and high quality stands out in this context. I have come to realize that apparel should be durable and of high quality materials, and feel good, like a second skin. Real comfortable fit is crucial. This is the most important part of making clothing. Nevertheless, my work is designed from my own point of view, taste and personal style.


Blue Wool Dress by Russian Artist and Designer Vlada Manyatovskaya


Bluwool is an elegantly simple wool tunic, emerging from the process of modeling designs on the mannequin.


Vlada Manyatovskaya Bluwool Photo by Yura Ryabov

RB: What about colors? 

VM: I prefer the classic colors but sometimes I turn to the more wild color scheme, or patterns, I recently painted a sweater in a Jackson Pollock inspired way.

RB: While quality and high level of tailoring is important to your design, I am also interested in the abstract and geometric aspect. Please tell me about some of the more conceptual aspects please? 

VM: A certain level of “negligence” is important, what might be seem like a mistake is often in fact intentional.


Front white dress by designer Vlada Manyatovskaya


Vlada with work

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