Amazing Art -Oliver’s Imaginary Land Art


Simple Juxtapositions by Oliver Kiss


Oliver Kiss Abstract Shape 2


Oh Unsplash, the happiness you bring. And for me, the niceties of geometric and landscape when well done, are simply enchanting.

Munich artist Oliver Kiss studied communication and graphic design, however his own desire to work out new ideas in Illustrator and Photoshop drove him to think of new visual juxtapositions, this series of experiments grew into the shapes series, a set of vector type illustrations, as a departure point from more comic, flat and graphic styles.


Oliver Kiss Abstract Shape 3


Oliver was most kind to tell us a little more of his Abstract Shapes Series this week during our talk:

I chose to do the abstract shapes project to challenge myself to release a new image every week and also to challenge myself to diversify my thinking by having to create a new shape that’s always – in my opinion – the most fitting shape to the particular landscape. The process involved me selecting an image spontaneously and then adapting my thinking process into this image and the shape that would fit. I did not pre-select anything or plan the creation of any weekly project.”


Oliver Kiss Abstract Shape 1


Rosa: I understand there is a rather interesting full circle story here. You mention the first contact with learning to design was via the internet and that you learned a great deal from who in turn also featured the Abstract Shapes series on the blog. Might I ask do you have particular requirements for what you consider engaging art?

Oliver: I want to be entertained especially in a visual sense and as long as that is the case, the artist has won me over.


Oliver Kiss Abstract Shape


Oliver Kiss Abstract Shape 4


The full series is on Behance, as well as Instagram, in real time, as Oliver posts the new images. The artist has work also available via Society6.

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