amazing art – manny aloha

8 Bird of Paradise.jpg

Manny Aloha Bird of Paradise, Mixed Media, 2016


I have had the honor to know a number of talented artists, and to see their work as it came about in the studio, transforming, changing and sometimes surprising me…

Manny Aloha is one such artist + he has the ability to go from one medium to another seamlessly. Manny’s constant mode of experimenting and playing with images means he is always trying new ways of creating graphic space.


Manny Aloha art


familymagic photo by jianca lazarus.jpg
Manny & Family……
A soulful person, often Manny seemed to be more concerned with the truly meaningful things in life, enjoyment, love and family. A rich openness to the possibilities of life meant his work and self evolves, this is no ivory tower artist, but a lived, present artistic pictorial vision. In addition to this haptic way of making art, he is also quite cerebral, and despite the fact that one of his key memories of our time in college together was me laughing at his questions in art history class, I have a profound respect for his knowledge and insight about artistic practice.


 “The new work has a graphic urban flair, probably since I grew up skateboarding in New York City, had my first art influences from friends who drew skateboard graphics, and then later in life lived in a warehouse of graffiti writers/ artists. The subject matter is a reflection of my surroundings in Hawaii and surf life style. Mostly, the collages are a fun way to create spontaneous thought provoking narratives which are hopefully fun to look at. “




3 Ancient Skateboard Obstacles




10 Homage to Kandinsky.jpg
Manny Aloha Homage to Kandinsky, Mixed Media, 2016