jose romussi & his sutured faces


jose romussi is a chilean artist working in berlin whose frankenstein like sutured embroidered faces have attracted a great deal of attention for the stunning admixture of fashion, bizarre distortion, & a strange evocation of embroidered folk art. the enigmatic nature of the work is what draws us in, the masks seem as if drawn from the broken planes of african art, the cubist fractals of the early 20th century, the geometry of indigenous needlework —

the new work is also fascinating, masks again, but more abstract, sculptural


#antiserie concrete jungle

jose romussi concrete-jungle.gif



JoseRomussi ANTI



jose rosmussi collaboration with amanda charchian

romussi collaboration with amanda charchian


new work by jose romussi (mask)

jose romussi mask-


jose romussi lost in the jungle

jose romussi lost-in-the-jungle-