Edward Said once said of Auerbach that “even in english translation, the hallmark of Auerbach’s style is an unruffled at times even lofty and supreme calm tone conveying a combination of quiet erudition allied with an over-ridingly patient and loving confidence in his mission as a scholar…”


This beautifully expressed idea of a writing style that is thoughtful, slowly unraveled, and graceful is meaningful particularly in this age of quick answers and emails.

For my part, my projects begin by hand, staggered patterns of words -through this method I achieve a space that exists between image, musical sound & structure.

I also lend my support and writing to various collaborations with emerging artists, in addition to galleries, museums and foundations. I am currently working on a monograph on the late American painter Edward E. Boccia, as well as two contemporary art books. I continue to contribute to various peer reviewed projects.

Gustav_Klimt Avenue in the Park of Schloss Kammer 1912 _Austrian Gallery Belvedere.jpg

Gustav Klimt Avenue in the Park of Schloss Kammer  1912, Austrian Gallery Belvedere


Select Writing About Modern Art, Late 19th c-mid 20th c



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Lowered by Lara Zankoul, Photographer, Lebanon

Select Writing About Contemporary Art, Mid 20th c – present





Aaron Westerberg Painting Admiration Detail


Admiration is a painting by the contemporary American Artist Aaron Westerberg