About Rosa

ROSA JH BERLAND Art + Design Consultant


I am dedicated to the serious study of modern + contemporary art and the development of fine art and design projects. 

While my blog features art by people of all walks of life, I am particularly interested in the practice of under-represented creative views, including craft based practices, and the work of artists from diverse backgrounds.

Expert Curation + Sourcing

Whether it is sourcing fine art, design, artisan functional decor items, blue chip work, established, new or emerging artists or designers, custom high modern design, contemporary art + modern photography, I specialize in assembling outstanding collections + in meaningful analysis + content.  

My clients include an exclusive group of collectors, galleries, auction houses, dealers, museums, artists, designers, arts organizations, art studios, publications, + design firms. I work with both emerging + established artists. 

Please contact me @ rosaberland@gmail.com regarding serious inquiries about artist services, exhibitions, publications, collaborations +  special projects, as well as collection management.



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