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Nuevo Estilo


You own some of the most valuable artwork in the world, & require someone whom you trust to represent your interests, legacy & investment.

If you are a leader in business, you demand the very best in everything.

My top tier services include advising, handling acquisitions whether art, design or decorative bespoke pieces and projects, supervising staff, working with conservators, travel, artwork rotations at various residences, hanging, storage & managing gifts and loans.


What makes me stand out?

15 + years of proven experience working with the best museums in the world.

I am accustomed to working with bluechip artwork, & believe in the highest level of professional care of artwork. I owe this to my extensive hands on training at The Guggenheim Museum and The Museum of Modern Art.

This is not expertise learned in schools, on-line or in art marketing degree programs, this is real stewardship of culturally & historically significant art & decorative objects, often valued in the millions, including private or public assets.

My Promise to You: A Level of Professional Expertise & Service that You Demand & Deserve.

I will be there at every juncture to represent your interests, oversee all management & administrative planning, & will be transparent about any concerns. My services mean you can feel your fine art assets are secure and well cared for. I also believe in protecting the privacy of my high worth clients, & ensuring I properly represent their interests & public image.

This is all achieved without wasting your valuable time, so you can focus on your business & family life.

I am an art historian and curator first, not a sales person so my priority is the care and preservation of your collection.



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If you have a high value collection, you require a true professional to oversee your blue chip & legacy investments…Please contact me to learn more



  • Oversight of acquisitions: including travel to assess artwork, condition, provenance, pricing, & place in terms of the range & scope of your collection.
  • Deaccessions, gifts, tax deductible donations, & loans for museums
  • All aspects of care, artwork rotation, shipping, condition checking, packing, installation & shipping.
  • Staff supervision, approval & oversight of all art related logistics.
  • Courier services, insurance & valuation.
  • Knowledge of all media, network of the very best of art handlers, conservators, frames & shippers.
  • High level of discretion & a commitment to the ethical sale of artwork, acquisitions, de-accessions & provenance.



*Please note, for privacy reasons, I do not feature photographs of clients’ property, storage, projects, artworks, homes or offices. Images are merely for aesthetic enjoyment…..



Rosa JH Berland