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There are no hard and fast rules for what I feature here, so submit away.

Are you a mid career or emerging artist? Perhaps a very young artist? Even famously famous? Maybe you work in a field that is considered by some not fine art, but is in fact truly creative?

I also welcome team or collaborative projects.

Please feel welcome to contact me with links to your work, and a few words about your practice. I particularly look for art or design that is yet unpublished, however,  I am happy to consider any meaningful work.

The Process

I have a notebook with many names, sometimes illegible…. of artists whose work has touched me in some way, so for the most part this is where I pull my ideas for the blog. I am most grateful for the generosity of the collaborating artists, and look forward to working with more great creatives.

I accept proposals from marketing and press officers, however I retain the right to refuse final publication should it appear that similar content seems to be duplicated on other art and culture sites. This site is intended to be critical and showcase unique content and reflect personal exchange between myself and the participating artists. I respectfully ask that you explain your outreach when you propose the new topic to me.

I thank every person for their submission, and for taking the step to  reach out. However, because of volume of correspondence, tone, + purpose of my blog I cannot always respond to every message or submission. Please know this is not a reflection of the quality of your work.

Keep working no matter what! Thank you for sharing your work and hearts….ROSA


I will take on one unpaid intern a season to assist me with research, correspondence, and social media for this blog project. I am willing to work with the student for credit if their university agrees.  Applicants may have education or background in any of these fields: Studio Art, Design, African American Studies, Women’s Studies, or Latino Studies, or  Art history, or related fields. Undergraduate student, recent graduate or graduate student preferred. Signing a NDA required. 


  1. Strong academic record
  2. Native or Fluent English
  3. Discretion
  4. Communicative + Responsive
  5. Excellent writing skills
  6. Superior organizational abilities
  7. Knowledge of WordPress + Photoshop
  8. Social media savvy
  9. Careful + thoughtful approach to intellectual and creative work.
  10. Ability and confidence to articulate his or her ideas verbally or in writing.
  11. Candidate should possess a global engagement with the arts as well as an awareness of craft.
  12. Outstanding sense of decorum, well mannered and mindful of collaborating artist’s privacy, copyright, and ideas.


International applicants welcome. If you are interested please email me with the subject line INTERN, with a cover letter, one writing sample, your resume, and social media accounts, and two references. 



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