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Fine Art + Design Consulting

I welcome inquiries from both emerging & established artists, museums, galleries, auction houses, publications (online or in print), universities and non profits.

Collection Management

I provide collection management services to select institutional clientele & private collectors, including oversight of packing, condition checking and installation, & international courier stewardship.

I am available for select travel for special projects within the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Africa & Europe.

Featured Artists | The Blog

My blog is a curated selection and functions as a sort of art journal or the such. It is a labor of love, and it takes some time to produce each article.

SO…..If we have discussed a collaboration for the art blog, please feel free to remind me or check in as you wish. If your feature is not posted  yet, or you wish to make sure I have all your materials email me –and do not worry, a delay does not imply a lack of interest on my part, rather a hectic schedule and perhaps a touch of forgetfulness, a problem that I know never has ever happened to any one else.

 To get in touch please:  Email me