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Inclusive and critically rigorous this site includes essays and unique interviews with contemporary artists worldwide.

I am interested in the idea that beauty is not only a formal easily recognizable thing, but the meaning of “beauty” can extend to the idea that revelation, truth, courage, and daring while often disruptive or formally “ugly” can also lead to a type of beauty..

Today,  I am particularly invested in expanding the scope of the blog to explorations of contemporary art practice in continents beyond North America and Europe. Nevertheless, it is my hope that lots more innovative art, regardless of origins will have continue to have its place here.


sculpture, contemporary-art

Sui Park Wiggling


Armstrong Too detail Catwalk to Freedom.png

Armstrong Too Catwalk to Freedom (detail)


photography, gender

Shelbi Shroeder White Series



Lara Zankoul Ambivalence 


Aleksandra Devic Holding On

Aleksandra Devic Holding On


Italian-Art, Painting, Art, Realism, Portraits, Classicism, Oil-Painting

Alessandro Sicioldr Bianchi Le Tre Sorelle



“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” (Audrey Lorde)